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Up to 6 capsules per day with food or as advised by your practitioner
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The Free Aminos Formula combines 20 amino acids (the building blocks of protein) which are known to be necessary in human nutrition. When we eat protein foods, the body breaks these down into the individual amino acids which can then be rebuilt into whatever it needs. For example, digestive juices are produced from amino acids, therefore taking this Formula is like giving the body the raw materials from which it can make digestive juices, thus strengthening the whole digestive function.

Supplementing amino acids in their free form is particularly important in many chronic conditions and multiple allergies where protein digestion is inefficient. If the processes whereby the body to breaks down proteins into the basic amino acids is in any way impaired, a number of vital functions would be undermined. The reproductive and immune systems are likely to be affected by these dysfunctions.

This formula works really well as a first line of dietary management for very reactive, sensitive or atopic individuals. It can also used in conjunction with other formulae, from early protocol stages.