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The Archturus Guarantee

• We do not use artificial flow agents, fillers and binders in our supplements. In fact we add very few additional ingredients and those that we do use are entirely natural, such as brown rice flour.

• We use vegetable based, nongelatine capsules which many people find easier to swallow and absorb. Using capsules means we need minimal extra additives. This is because the contents of a tablet need to be held together, for example with binding materials whereas a capsule provides an outer casing which can be more completely filled with active ingredients.

• We use minerals such as calcium, magnesium and zinc in the citrate form for maximum absorption. We never use carbonates or oxides. When you take an Archturus multivitamin and mineral, you’ll really feel it working!

• We use pre-formed vitamin A (acetate) rather than beta carotene due to the poor conversion of beta carotene into vitamin A.

• Archturus have always insisted on using the purest ingredients from trusted British suppliers, even when it costs more. Some companies compromise quality for cheap raw materials bought overseas from unchecked sources. This means higher profit margins for the company but less benefit for the consumer. No wonder that so many kinesiologists tell us that Archturus supplements repeatedly “muscle test” better than many other brands.

Try them for yourself and find out!