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What is Moon Bathing?

You may have heard of moon bathing before but might not know what all the fuss is about. It has for a long time been known that the Moon affects the Earth’s oceans and rivers with its gravitational pull, which is at its greatest during its New and Full phases. Since our bodies are estimated to be composed of about 80% water, it should be clear that the Moon has an effect on the water contained within our own body.

In a regular bath, moisture is actually extracted from the skin. In a Himalayan Salt Bath, minerals are absorbed while toxins are released into the bath water via osmosis. The inside and the outside of your body detoxified through this process, while bio-energetic weak points are restored and energy flow is activated.

When To Do Them

Full Moon = Healing. During a Full Moon, healing potential is at its peak, meaning the mineral absorption is optimized.

New Moon = Cleansing. During a New Moon, cleansing is at it’s peak, meaning the body’s ability to internally and externally detoxify itself is at it’s highest potential.

Anytime. Salt Baths are healing and detoxifying anytime, but are said to be more powerful during New and Full Lunar Cycles.


Here are the dates for this year: