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Robert Gray Program - Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I'm having constipation on this program. Why? What should I do?

Answer: Any vitamins with succinate, fish liver oil, antibiotics, or aloe vera taken internally will all nullify the effects of our products and may result in constipation. You may either stop taking these products and see if your condition improves or wait until you are off of these products before you begin our cleansing program.

Another possibility is that you are having a cleansing reaction. Constipation is one of the most common symptoms of a cleansing reaction. You should go back to the previous level and stay there twice as many days as you did the first time at that level. If you go back to the previous level a 3rd time, stay on it 3 times as many days as you did the first time at that level. If you are having constipation at the Initial Test, then you need to stop for 3 days, and then start at level A.

Question: I have Candida, will this program help me?

Answer: Candida is a systemic yeast condition. This program is meant only to help clean your colon. We make no guarantees that this program will help Candida or any other disease.

Question: I have IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Can I use this program?

Answer: Yes. Most people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome can minimise their symptoms while on the cleanse by doing it over the 5 month long period, which is described in our literature. Please note that IBS is sometimes used for Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome, which is a different condition. Persons with Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome must not use our product until that condition has been completely cleared up.

Question: Do I need to use the skin brush? What is skin brushing good for?

Answer: Yes, it's part of the over-all detoxification process for the colon. Skin Brushing helps clean the lymph, which is part of the detoxification of the colon in our program.

Question: What kind of diet should I eat while on this program?

Answer: What ever feels safe and comfortable for you. Fasting does not help and is not a requirement to do this cleanse. You do not have to give up meat in order to do this program.

Question: I'm pregnant, can I do this program?

Answer: NO. Please wait till you have given birth AND finished breast feeding. We do not know the effects of the program on the unborn and the unweaned.

Question: I have been taking your products for a while, and my stomach (abdomen) is swelling up. What's happening?

Answer: Psyllium husk has a tendency to cause this bloating because it helps soften the mucoid matter with water and causes it to swell up. As you complete the program this swelling will go down. If you are having some discomfort or pain with this swelling you will note that this too will pass as you near completing the program. You may wish to proceed with the program a little slower, giving your body time to expand with the swelling. Sometimes going back to a previous level and staying there twice as long before going to the next level is helpful. Of course if you do not feel safe and comfortable, contact your physician and stop the program if desired.

Question: I'm having a lot of gas. What should I do?

Answer: Annoying burping or flatulence is usually due to a "die-off reaction"caused by toxins breaking down faster than body can eliminate them. You may choose to stay at your current level, or try going back a level and stay there twice as long before going to the next level. Doing this may help decrease the gas problem. If you are experiencing painful burping or flatulence, go back to the previous level and stay there twice as long before proceeding in the program. You could be experiencing a severe die-off reaction. If the problem doesn't get better in 48 hours, you may want to stop the program at this time, for the sake of comfort. Painful gas is not a typical cleansing reaction, and you may want to consult your physician to see if you have an allergy.

Question: When is the best time to take the products?

Answer: One hour before or after eating with a minimum of three hours between doses.

Question: What is the difference between IBA-II and SFBA?

Answer: The IBA-II has onion powder and spirulina, which feeds the lactobacteria a little better and lends a slightly more aggressive cleansing effect. If you are not allergic to onions or spirulina and do not have Candida, this is the bulking agent most people use.

Question: I have Candida, (or just started with the SFBA) and I want to know when to start using IBA2?

Answer: After being on the program for 6 weeks, you slowly incorporate the IBA-II, gradually reducing the amount of SFBA over a period of time until you are totally on IBA-II.

Question: On the table for Recommended Dosage, the Minimum Days for Level I is not stated. How many days am I supposed to stay on Level I?

Answer: We suggest that you stay on Level I for a minimum of 21 days. If at the end of that time you are still passing ropey mucoid strands, you may stay longer at this level provided that the total amount of time on the program does not exceed 5 months or, if you have completed the program within the previous 36 months, then the total amount of time on the program should not exceed 3 months.

Question: It's been more than 36 months since I completed the program. If I had to stay on it for five months, would I develop homeostasis (the body becomes used to the products and they loose their effectiveness)?

Answer: Homeostasis is only a problem if you exceed the recommended time of 5 months usage every three years or 3 month usage within 12 months.

Question: Can I take the bulking agent (or Lactobacteria Food) with plain water?

Answer: Yes. The juice is suggested to help mask the strong flavor of the bulking agent and Lactobacteria Food.

Question: Do I have to use fluid in order to take the bulking agent (or LF)? Can I just sprinkle it on a salad?

Answer: No. Failure to take sufficient liguid with the products may result in intestinal blockage of constipation. Psyllium is a primary component of our products and absorbs a great deal of fluid. If you do not ingest a sufficient amount of fluid, the moisture from your system will be absorbed by the psyllium causing severe problems. This is one of the prime reasons we do not distribute our products in capsule form.

Question: I put the IBA-II in tomato juice and it turned it an ugly color. Is something wrong?

Answer: Spriulina, which is in the IBA-II, turns the juice a funny color, but there is nothing wrong with the dosage.

Question: I have severe Candida, and could not do your program. Is there anything I could do that will help me do your program?

Answer: There isn't anything that we know of that is a sure-fire answer, but sometimes people with Candida have tried to rebuild their lactobacteria. We have a formula that Robert Gray designed to help feed the lactobacteria. If you find that you are unable to take our Lactobacteria Food, then try to make and drink Cabbage Rejuvulac for 6 to 12 months. If you notice an improvement in your condition at that time, then you may be able to do our program.

Question: I'm on level F. If I go to level G and can't do it, is there any other way to do this than going back to level F for 28 days?

Answer: No. But if after 28 days you still can't do level G, then you may want to try to take the same dosage three times a day instead of four. We suggest that you stay at the three-times-a-day level for 14 days.

Question: I don't have time to take the program 4 times a day. Can I take double the dosage twice a day?

Answer: In most cases the answer is no. You may wish to try that approach, but you may wind up with a cleansing reaction, like constipation, which would require you to go back and repeat a level and stay there twice as long. Since the program was designed at that point to be taken 4 times a day, that's what should be done.

Question: Can this program cause fatigue?

Answer: No. If you are experiencing fatigue, you should consult your physician.

Question: If I stop this program while in the middle of the cleanse, am I in any danger?

Answer: No. Whatever has been passed out of the body is the only thing that was loose enough to come out. Any other left over material that may be loose will pass. Anything that has not, or will not, pass when you stop the program will not be "floating around" to cause further damage, or disorder, than you were experiencing before starting this program.

Question: If I have to stop the program, can I restart where I left off?

Answer: If no more than 3 days have passed, then you may restart at the previous level. For example, if you are at G and must stop, then you go back to level F for the minimum number of days. If you are off of the program more than six days, you must to go back and start at the Initial Test Level.