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Robert Gray Testimonials

I am today on my 115 day of the Robert Gray Program and still passing large amounts of "old intestinal material". I am on level H and daily still amazed at the results! J.H.

I took the step and had an enema, and it was great! it does not hurt, smell, itch. It is not embarrassing: it's a release, helps wonderful with flu, etc. You feel great!. DS, London

I have already done a lot of cleansing with activated oxygen products and lost a lot of weight. Also, I've used Herbal blends from the USA.

However, within a few days of starting your cleanse I was passing more waste including worms and parasites, hundreds of small white ones, the size of a small grain of rice. Also larger ones, maybe the size of half oa peanut. Also small red strings which look like worms. God knows where they cam from! I can hardly believe how much poison I've collected over the last 47 years but needless to say I can't wait to get rid of it all!. Regards, R.S Croydon

I am writing to let you know how successful I found your Robert Gray Cleansing Program. I am 36 years of age, slim with low body fat, strict vegetarian and train 6 days a week at a high level. I have adopted a wheat-free, non-dairy diet and try to eat organic fruit/veg where possible. I have suffered from chronic constipation and severe bloating. I have been though the usual medical examinations for the past 3 years, 3 x rays and 4 colonoscopies, but all is fine and the medical professin put my problems down to IBS!!. I started the colon cleansing program in June and completed the program in September. After I got through the first 6 weeks I found an amazing improvement in my bowel habits. This gave me added energy and a feeling of a flat and empty stomach. Bloating, whilst on this program was an occassional problem. I was amazed at the achievement that The Robert Gray Program brought. Thanks again! LQG - Belfast

Having completed the Robert Gray Programme I feel I must take this opportunity to thank you for your help and guidance through the program and also to give the highest praise to this wonderful product that you sell. I feel absolutely on top of the world, I feel like a different person, my skin is much clearer, my stomach is much flatter and I cannot believe you can feel so good while such a change is happening to your body. This product does everything it says it will, and I urge anyone and everyone to give it a go. Thanking you once again, J.W, Castleford

"I have had health problems and poor elimination all my life. Now I'm on your program of colon-cleansing. This is the most perfect and thorough program I've seen yet. I am getting good results. I have been on it for one month and plan to go another month. There is nothing unpleasant or harsh about it and I want to recommend it to others. I've had psoriasis for 30 years and it is disappearing already." N.S.B, Windsor

"Almost as soon as I started on this program there was a sense of well-being - of just feeling better all over. I can't remember ever feeling this good." M.F, Reg. Healthologist

"I have just begun the colon cleansing program as outlined in The Colon Health Handbook and I am excited by the early results. Finally, an easy-to-follow program that get results! Thank you for all of the energy that you put into developing the program." J.M.M.

"Recently I ordered and read, very carefully, The Colon Health Handbook. It described my problems to a tee. I was very sceptical, because I have tried everything I have ever heard of, and that's a lot. I am 62 years old and I can't remember ever having a natural, normal bowel movement. When I read that book, I knew what my problem was, and the herb cleansing program was worth a try. It is like a miracle. In just one week I feel like a new person. I have a huge bowel-movement three times a day. I thank god every hour on the hour for sending that book to me, for showing me the right way to go. No one will ever know the pain and illness I have gone through because of my inactive and impacted colon. I have never known what a good health is like, but I will know now, thank god. And thank you." H.H.