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Himalayan Crystal Salt Testimonials

I've been suffering from SHINGLES over 2 months. Needless to say how severe the pain on the whole left side of my face was. My left eye was very painful too and I had to take strong painkillers. After using the Best Care eye bath, together with the 1% Himalayan Salt solution, the pain eased off. I applied it every day following the exact instructions. I've also used the Himalayan Crystal rocks in the linen bag, heated them in the oven and put them on my face wherever I had pain. After one week I didn't need to take painkillers! Anonymous

When I started taking the sole, I felt reconnected to the earth after a few days. Various skin rashes on my body cleared up. Now my skin is more soft and supple than before and I don't need to use skin balms on my body! I am also regaining my pH balance and feel much less acidic after 6 weeks of taking the sole. Thank you. S. Thoday, London

As the salt began its purifying work after only 4 days, I felt a new level of energy and feeling alive. Mac Darrin, London

The first time I took a glass of sole, I started to cry as I felt a huge release of emotions that had been bottling up inside. Afterwards I felt so relieved. Since taking the sole daily, I am sleeping much better and seem to have more energy. J. Case, Kent

The salt tastes great! It completely brings out the flavour in raw salads - especially tomatoes, avocados and cucumber. Even better than sea salt! I love cooking with it and I seem to take the salt shaker everywhere I go, just in case! Bethan, Brighton

I have not been using the Himalayan Crystal Salt products so very long, but I have noticed a marked change in myself since using them. I am now sleeping much better and I am feeling more alive generally! Mrs Duckworth, Worcester

Some of my patients were using a lot of supplements everyday. I started them on the Himalayan Crystal Salt products and re-tested them about 2 weeks later. I was amazed to find that these patients needed to take only
half the amount of supplements. They also reported feeling energetic and full of energy! J.K., Practitioner

Thanks very much for all your help. I pendulum tested various waters yesterday. In order of quality (provision of energy for the body): lowest to highest: tap; filtered; bottle; crystal energised water; sole. Fascinating. Kind regards. Anne

At the beginning when I started the sole, I felt very tired and on some mornings when I awoke, slightly dehydrated. However, I continued drinking the sole and then turned a corner. I began to get more energy. It also heightens the sweet taste of food! Dee James, Practitioner

For the past fifteen years, my health has been horrendous following exposure to sheep dip containing organophosphates, phenols and solvents. No medical treatment has been available and any drug I have been prescribed has badly affected me. Some relief has come through an essentially vegan diet, but insufficient to provide me with an acceptable quality of life.

I have researched water and now only drink water from an artesian supply that I have vortexed. Artesian water is full of colloidal minerals and has taken in the magentic resonance of the earth. The longer the water has been in the ground, the stronger the energy it has. This has helped, but I always felt something was missing, as I continued to have problems with sleeping, memory, concentration and severe leg pain.

Last autumn, I passed a Health Shop with Himalayan Salt Crystals in the window. Intuitively I bought a kilo and began drinking sole first thing in the morning. I also put a few crystals in my bath water every second night. Relief happened immediately. The severe pain in my legs eased, my sleep pattern became restful and I no longer visited the toilet five or six times a night. My concentration and memory improved and I no longer suffered adverse reactions to any period of concentration.

It is three months since I started taking sole before breakfast and after fifteen years of various false hopes f an improvement in my health, it is difficult to believe and accept the persistent improvement of my health in that short time.

I ordered the book "Water and Salt - The Essence of Life" by Dr Hendel and Peter Ferreira, in my quest to find scientific support for the benefits claimed by Himalayan Crystal Salts. This book confirmed my own intuition and led me deeper into my own research into water quality and gave me the final piece of the water jigsaw puzzle I had been searching for.

"Water and Salt" claimed artesian water which had been in the ground for hundreds, if not thousands, of years have been influenced by the electromagnetic energy field of the planet. Synchronistically, of course, someone contacted me to tell me of his artesian water supply. I now use only artesian water with my Himalayan Salt Crystal. I would recommend this book to anyone who desires an understanding of the "healing power of nature". It has changed my life. The message of that book is one that should be read by every doctor in the country.

Every year I give a lecture to medical students at a Scottish University on chemical poisoning and last week I had great pleasure in advising them of the benefits of Himalayan Crystal Salts, that restore myself to an acceptable level. If, after fifteen years of deterioration and only three months of using sole I feel this good, I can only presume that my health will steadily improve. Already my high blood pressure is down from 220/120 to160/80, a quite incredible improvement. Brian Anderson, National Coordinator - OPIN (Scotland)

Hi, I am a 62 year old male and have been taking salt sole for 6 months with great results, have just had annual medical check up and the results from liver function came back suggesting that I am only a teenager! I take no medication and do a lot of exercise and have never felt better!. Many thanks. Bill